Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sebrinah's Plain Tomato Rice Recipe

Another version of Tomato Rice but more simpler. No added tweaks.

Ingredients: (2 pax)
-Basmathi Rice 1 1/2 cups
-Water 2 cups (use the same cup as the rice)
-1 med tomato
-10 cherry tomato

If using normal rice then need 
1 1/2 cup rice = 1 cup water cos tomato has natural water in it that will ooze out later on and basmathi rice need more water.

Another Ratio Tips :
For normal rice : 1 cup rice = 1 cup water
(Remove 6 tbsp water for each Med sized tomato placed inside)
For basmathi rice : 1 cup rice = 2 cup water
(Remove 8 tbsp water for each Med sized tomato placed inside)
U can follow this ratio tips if you're adding more than 1 Med tomato. As mentioned, the med tomato has juice in it so the amount of tbsp is est. for it so that the rice don't become too soggy after it's cooked and mixed together.

Just put everything into the rice cooker and cook. Once done just mix it up and then serve.

Just tomato and rice combination, the taste is great to go with any other dishes to your liking.

You can also view my previous post on the same version with a twist. I added more ingredients to this recipe at my first attempt at this dish. "Sebrinah's Tomato Rice Recipe"

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